Friday, 14 July 2017

Mixing Machines 2

Well I said the Kenwood was not too wonderful but it was cheap and the poor thing nearly shook itself to bits. Obviously mixing dough three times a week was too much for it! 

So I studied what was available in more sturdy models and homed in on a Sage, by good fortune I popped into a Lakeland shop and they had one on special offer (about half price) as they were just bringing out a newer model so I snapped it up. Fortunately I had kept all the other Kenwood bits in pristine condition so I was able to re-sell it quite quickly.

This is the new machine in all its sturdy glory. Much heavier and more solid than the old Kenwood and it has a great timer that will either count down the time and turn off or count up the time.

The mixing bowl is quite a bit bigger and it has a really substantial dough hook (see lower picture). 

What is really great is that it mixes and kneads in half the time (5 minutes against 10 minutes) of the old Kenwood. And the dough is like satin.

So goodbye Kenwood and welcome Sage.

I've mixed most types of bread with it and pizzas, just have to do baguettes and bagels to complete the range.

I've also started work on the next edition of Sourdough Bread Made Easy, which will incorporate all the things I've reported on in this blog. It should be ready by September.

All the best for now and happy baking,