Friday, 5 September 2014

San Francisco

I decided to try out some Goldrush Old Fashioned San Francisco Style Sourdough Starter (from Bakery Bits) for a change from my own home grown starter. 

Interestingly Bakery Bits and Goldrush both supply (different) instructions for getting the starter going so I'm comparing both and my own process as I go along and this is how it is working out:

Day 1
Mixed 100g white bread flour and 200g filtered water in a glass mixing bowl, then added the sachet of sourdough starter, covered the bowl with cling film and put in a warm place for six hours.

Fed the starter with a small cup (50g) of flour and the same volume of water, covered and left in a warm place for a further 24 hours.

Days 2 to 3
Fed the starter with a small cup of flour and a small cup of water, gave it a good stir, covered and left in a warm place for another 24 hours.

Days 4 to 6
The starter is getting more active each day but was a bit runny. Discarded one cup of starter and fed it with a small cup of flour and half a cup of water. By day 6 the starter looked ready to use.

Loaf Bake
I decided to make a small plain white loaf (using my better sourdough recipe) to see what it looked and tasted like. This was the result:

Nice texture and crumb, soft and chewy inside nice crisp crust on the outside and it tasted good.

We ate the second second half of the loaf for lunch the following day and it was still excellent.

I've now decided to throw away my old starter and stick with this one from Goldrush, it's a real winner!

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