Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Sourdough Bread Made Easy

Just published by CreateSpace and available from Amazon in print (softback) and Kindle formats and The Topsham Bookshop (softback). Priced at £5 for the softback print version and £1.29 for the Kindle version.

This link will take you to it:

Sourdough Bread Made Easy

at and it is also available from all other Amazon sites in equivalent local currency prices.

I would greatly value any feedback on the book, via this blog and of course any questions or problems on the blog itself.

Meantime happy baking,


  1. Help I have your book but cannot get the starter going. A cool modern Dorset kitchen (19'C).. fed starter for 7 days and it just looked like thick batter with a few solitary bubbles released in slow motion. I moved it all over the house searching for warmth- it refused to go frothy and look active. After 7 days of feeding, I took it out, kneeded and put into banneton. Left in light-only oven and still no increase in size- but it did stick in the banneton.Still no size increase. The resulting "loaf" is heavy. wet and indigestible but does have a crisp crust! I've now ordered a living starter to kick mine awake- but will it work unless I move to a house with an Aga?

    1. Hi Elizabeth, 19C should be fine for the starter, I keep mine in the fridge between bakes and just bring it out for a couple of hours at 20C before use and feeding. It may have been a bit on the thick side or may have a picked up a bad yeast strain. If you are getting a living starter I'd throw away your dud one and just start feeding the living one rather than risk ruining a good one. Also keep it a bit on the runny side to start with. Good luck and let me know how it works out. John.

    2. Hello John, I must be doing something wrong. Alf and Bert are now on days 10 and 9 respectively and still none of the growth everyone talks about! I get a covering of bubbles but no active popping. Both Alf and Bert have the viscosity of pancake batter though I've kept Alf fed with equal parts of water and flour, but Bert always has more flour than water. I took photos but cannot load them anywhere. I keep asking "how hard can this be? I must be missing something". Elizabeth

    3. Hi Elizabeth, if you email the pictures to me at I'll let you know what I think but if you've got some bubbles it may well be OK (with luck). John.